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After suffering from anxiety and low

self-esteem due to wearing a back brace for scoliosis, Lisa B. Owens decided to use her story through The Silver-Horned Girl to help others. Owens graduated from Penn State University in 1987 with a BA in Journalism. She has been an Associate Producer at WTVR in Richmond, VA, a Special Projects Producer for NBC News Channel, and a consultant in a variety of areas. 

She currently lives in North Carolina with

her husband, Chris, and daughters,

Madison and McKenna. 


When a girl suddenly wakes up with a beeping silver horn growing out of her head, her normal life is changed. She finds herself scared, left out and bullied by her peers. 

Designed as a conversation starter for facing anxiety, The Silver-Horned Girl demonstrates to ages 10 & up how similarly insecurity affects everyone. Whether they experience a visible difference or one less obvious, no one should have to suffer in silence. 

In addition to this creative tale, a section has been dedicated to "Talking Points", a "Mental Health Tool Kit" and valuable resources for students, families and teachers along with a special space to journal. 

**WINNER of "The Golden Wizard Book Prize" Award 2023 for outstanding children's book**

**WINNER of the 2024 "International Impact Book Awards" (Children's Inspirational/Motivational)**



ISBN: 978-1-6461-0150-4

eISBN: 978-1-6461-0810-7

If you are interested in purchasing a book online, please visit:,


Search: The Silver-Horned Girl

 Book retail price (paperback, 48 pages): $24

   eBook price: $19

Kindle: $9.99

(also available at:,, & Amazon Canada)

If you're a retailer, library, school, church or nonprofit, discounts are available through Dorrance Publishing - please contact them at 1-800-788-7654 to place an order. 

*Retailers: 30% discount on 1-4 copies, 40% discount on 5+ copies.

*Libraries: 20% discount on all purchases. 

*Schools: 20% discount on all purchases. 

*Churches: 20% discount on all purchases. 

*Nonprofits: 20% discount on all purchases. 

10% of The Silver-Horned Girl book sale profits will be donated to (5% each):

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